Sell Your Overseas Property

If you're struggling to sell, we have a solution.

Selling your second home overseas can be a real challenge. At first glance, the process is similar to that of the UK but the reality is much, much more complex and can prove to be a minefield that could leave you bitter.

The process of selling a property in another country varies considerably. Whilst it's unsurprising there are different laws in different countries it is also the cultural aspects that need consideration. Unfortunately, many people attempt to sell their property without an understanding or any experience of timescales, etiquette, the documents required, the process, the motivations of each party involved, the fees and many, many more nuances that vary from country to country.

Some vendors find themselves 12 months into the sale process with a local agent who doesn't return calls, hasn't generated any leads and doesn't speak fluent English. They're left in limbo whilst their property sits empty.

Century 21 UK International can help you sell your property overseas through a global network of trusted partners without the hassle and heart-ache of chasing agents abroad. You'll only ever need to deal in English and you'll have a hand to hold whilst navigating the precarious international sales process.

The Process


Century 21 UK International has a professional procedure for appraising and brokering your property, taking care of all the proper paperwork along the way.

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